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Mother and a Child


A blog showcasing mothering experiences and stories of new parenthood. Written by a mom, for moms.

Why I Started This

Hello, there. I'm Rasika.


I'm a mom to a toddler. I'm an engineer by training and a people connector and communicator at heart. If you ask me for help, and I know a way to help, you can be sure that you'll find yourself with a list of well-vetted resources or at the very least...a connection with a friend of a friend who could help. ;)


For much too long, I've wanted to create a place where mothers can come together and share their wisdom. I've wanted to make it easier to share resources that I've found helpful, as I navigated new parenthood. I've wanted to create a way for other moms to share their stories. From all this sprouted a need to create this blog and I started "MomsTalk". Seeking help is already hard when a culture makes you feel you should be able to mother your child effortlessly. Often under this guise, we restrain ourselves from fully sharing what we go through as new mothers. What will others think of me? Will I be seen as an insufficient mom? Seen unable to take care of my family? How do I tell someone I need help with something like breastfeeding? Is it really safe to share about my post-partum depression? 


Take a peek at my articles. Think you know of a topic that might be interesting to read about? Tell me. Know someone struggling to find this sort of information? Spread the word. I think sharing these experiences brings us closer in this all too human experience of moulding a new life into a good human. We are not alone in these experiences. We can get help. We deserve help if we need it. 



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Some topics are important but difficult or taboo to talk about. Think you know a topic like that? Interested in reading about it?


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